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Atop the Escarpment, where the Region of Niagara hugs lake Ontario amongst vineyard dotted country roads, lies Terra Lavanda. Spread over a hundred acres, the farm sits by Spring Creek which travels gently eastwards. Another small brook flows from the west interweaving the rolling terrain, while a beautiful forest of maple, oak and evergreen trees embraces the farm from the south.

Away from roaring traffic, yet surrounded by curvy country roads shaping the short scenic route to Niagara Falls, Terra Lavanda is an escape to beauty and serenity, a perfect harmony between nature and nurture. The land is tended through ecological farming, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

Terra Lavanda is family owned, and our mission is to bring this beautiful and versatile herb to your home to experience many benefits of lavender. Our lavender is organically grown and each plant is individually cultivated and harvested, reflecting growing practices that produce beautiful plants but also sustain the environment. We do this by treating the soil as a life-giving entity, the land a place where we live, and farming a way to restore the human connection to the earth. It’s very hard work, beautifully rewarded by Terra Lavanda.

During the 2024 Blooming Season Terra Lavanda will NOT be open to visitors!  

You can reach us by....

Phone: 905 464-4304

E-mail:  terralavanda@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/terralavanda

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/terralavanda

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