About hydrosol November 19 2018, 0 Comments

Now that shorter days and cold weather are here, I  find myself escaping to memories of warm summer days at the farm, strolling through our royal purple lavender rows, and sharing our lavender knowledge  with our guests. Sometimes people see our Terra Lavanda signs and come in without knowing much about lavender, curious to see what it is all about!

As they walk up to our store entrance, they quickly recognize the wonderful smell of lavender, followed by deep relaxing exhales, and questions about essential oil, plants, growing techniques, and hydrosol. “Hydrosol! What is that?”, many ask. We have a colourful poster about hydrosol right there in the store, still many want to learn more and see how the magic happens.

When our visitors observe the lavender distillation, they see how steamed extracts from lavender cuttings trickle down into the glass receiver as the distilled fluid separates to clear lavender hydrosol and gold coloured lavender oil, dispersing the captivating lavender scent into the air! This visual presentation explains very simply what hydrosol is, and how it’s derived, always natural, without additives, and yet enriched with all the goodness of the lavender plant & essential oil properties. While lavender essential oil is strong, concentrated, used sparingly, lavender hydrosol is gentle, clear & clean, and yet contains the same soothing & relaxing characteristics of lavender. No wonder our visitors need to try it for themselves and take a bottle, or two, home, until next season!

Here are few of our favourite ways of using Terra Lavanda lavender hydrosol:

  • Bug repellent, regularly used during our long summer days in the fields while planting, weeding, cutting, or just being farmers;
  • Air freshener in diffusers, especially during colder days, indoors, when windows are closed & the air is dry, mist of lavender hydrosol keeps it fresh & clean;
  • Pillow spray, light spritz before bed for a good night sleep, along with a good read & relaxing music;
  • Face & hand toner, anytime, but very helpful during or after a long airplane flight to fight dryness;
  • Minor burns or skin irritations; no matter how hard we try, sunburns happens, luckily we have hydrosol!
  • Pet spray, apply it gently, meaning by hand, until they recognize it as their friend;                                                                                                                                                                   ... and our customers are finding new ways every season. Now I have to go refill my diffuser.                                                                                                    

Stay well,

The Lavender Lady