Our Story - Part I October 19 2013, 0 Comments

Born and raised in the mild climate of the Adriatic, our memories run through the rocky mountain slopes where lavender or lavanda, as we call it, grows wild and carefree, Colours of blue and purple, air filled with the aromatics scent of this untamed plant invoke a sense of beauty & well-being.

Vision of a lavender field in bloom, mesmerizing and breathtaking, is a sight never forgotten, an irresistible allure to stand near this magical plant that calms souls, fascinates eyes, and captivate senses. The idea of our own ecological farm, outdoor living and meeting people, seemed like living a dream.

Nature’s nurturing and lifegiving at its best; we were inspired..

First step was to acquire a sizeable piece of land and to begin growing lavender.

Rain, snow, summer heat couldn’t deter us from spending our weekends scouting southern Ontario for that perfect piece of land. It took days, months, seasons came and gone, and then a garage sale opened a door to a property that we had been looking for. Hilly terrain, background forest, old farm house and a creek wondering through, a piece of land we can nurture and apply farming principles respectful of nature. 

Living proof of a dream coming true........