TL Relaxation Basket


For You & for all You love! Refresh your body & your space with lavender hydrosol, pamper your skin with lavender body lotion, treat your family's best friend with lavender hydrosol, calm your anxiety with lavender sachets; bake your favourite cookies with culinary lavender and finish your day relaxing with a cup of mint & lavender tea, lavender sachet by your pillow and a gentle massage with lavender & olive oil.

Let the scent of lavender carry you into a good night sleep. Sweet dreams!

Did you know? Lavender is one of the oldest & most versatile herbs; from Roman times to ours used to disinfect, soothe, calm, relax, beautify.


Content: Lavender Hydrosol 500 ml. Lavender Hydrosol 240 ml, Lavender Body Lotion 240 ml,  Lavender & Olive Massage Oil 100 ml, Mint & Lavender Tea, Sachets, Culinary Lavender, Dried Lavender Bouquet